The Clash of Civilizations: Is Islamophobia the New Normal?

Just as September 11 was a milestone that did spread Islamophobic perceptions all around Europe, and somehow normalized or we may say naturalized the troubling outcome of the concept, the refugee crisis as a result of the civil war in Syria, and the terrorist acts of Daesh have had the same deadly effects on the European and American societies. In this respect, the year 2016 was the peak of anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant right-wing populist rhetoric. There is not much change in 2017, for instance as soon as Trump took his seat in the White House the travel ban came to the fore with a cover story that was to secure the country from terrorism. Linked to this ban, terrorist attacks in Europe have all led an increase in Islamophobic attacks. Islamophobia in the West has really become a threat to Muslim communities. All statistics revealed by specific reports present a troubling big picture that needs to be tackled in depth.

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