Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor

The Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) and the party of the Christian Social Union Party (CSU) adopted the program they prepared for the 2017 elections in the party congress they held in Berlin. In the program, which includes the headlines of those sister parties “For a Germany we live in good and fondly“, issues such as internal security, family politics and a new economic development plan are included. In the strengthening of NATO, and preserving close relations with Israel and the United States.

This short paper will focus on the main points mentioned in the CDU / CSU Election program regarding asylum and citizenship, security measures, and the debate of guiding culture.


CDU in Asylum and Citizenship

– Dual citizenship should remain an exception and it should not be transferred across generations. To do this, CDU recommends “Generationenschnitt” (restriction to the generation). It will include children who were born in Germany. Therefore, children of third generation immigrants will lose their dual citizenship rights.

– In order to prevent the illegal entrance to the EU, it is necessary to control the borders more effectively. In this context, CDU suggests the rules should be determined by agreement with the EU and other countries.

– EU protection should be provided for people facing life-threatening situations; in this context, all EU member states must be in solidarity.

– It is known that many refugees entered to the Member States, especially Germany, in recent years. It is unacceptable that the new influx route (as it has been before) is going towards Germany as the numbers continue to increase.

– Due to the high number of asylum seekers arriving at the same time, it is increasingly difficult to provide adequate assistance. For this reason, fewer asylum seekers should be accepted in the future.

– Germany will be helping those facing death threats and being subjected to ill-treatment by the governments of the countries in which they live.

– Asylum seekers coming to Germany from countries that are in the category of safe third countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco) should not be either helped or returned to their countries. In this context, the safe country categories can be clarified; those on this count can also be returned.

– The dangerous conditions in the countries of origins should be eliminated. At this point, cooperation with humanitarian organizations continues.



CDU Germany election campaign
“No one stays back”


CDU’s Security Measures

– Criminal people can also come to the EU. They can be members of religious-motivated terrorist organizations or individuals under the influence of these organizations. In this regard, the EU must protect itself. In order to achieve this protection objective, all EU member states should be in agreement on exchange of information and documents.

– Those who do not comply with the law will either be punished or have to leave Germany.

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The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel


CDU and Guiding Culture

– Individuals living in Germany have different ethnicities with different opinions and wishes; this situation should be evaluated positively. So, there is a common value that combines all these differences; this is “Guiding Culture“.

– There are some rules that must be followed in order to maintain and preserve the “Guiding Culture” mentality. These rules apply to those who want to live in Germany and newcomers, as well as those who have lived in the country for a long time. Hence, each individual has to comply with the law.

– The integration of immigrants should take place through “Leading Culture”. In this context, it is very important that this person is a business owner and has social activities.

– Job opportunities should be provided to immigrants who are familiar with the German language and who have the necessary qualifications to work in the field.