Die Linke leaders

Die Linke approved the 2017 federal election program in the party congress in Hannover. The election program is titled “Sozial, Gerecht, Frieden, Für Alle (Socially Fair, Just, Peaceful, For Everyone). It envisages serious changes in the scope of security policies. Die Linke program includes the introduction of basic securities without major restrictions in the context of social policies.

The program includes higher taxes for high-income earners, aims to tackle immigration, addresses the integration of Muslims and Turks.


Die Linke’s Immigration and Integration Policies

One of the more important subjects in Die Linke’s electoral program is the establishment of a Ministry of Immigration at a federal level adding that immigration and integration policies should be removed from the scope of the Ministry of the Interior. Programs involved in the context of migration and integration include:

Integration policies should be expanded and bureaucratic obstacles should be reduced.

The process for signing up for integration and German courses for immigrants and refugees should be expedited.

An accelerated program should be developed for educating and increasing the number of social workers and teachers teaching German as a second language to schools.

Staying in asylum seekers’ centers of collective sheltering prevents them from adapting to the country they are in. For this reason, vacant apartments need to be rented to the refugees.

Everyone should have access to good education and job opportunities.

Everyone should have health insurance. Their health insurance should not be interrupted. Specifically, trauma victims should be supported for psychological treatment.

Non-governmental organizations should be strengthened. In this context, institutions and organizations that are actively engaged in fighting racism and antisemitism should be supported.

In terms of refugee assistance, municipalities bear a serious financial burden. All municipalities involved in the reception, housing, and integration of refugees should be provided with a federal structure.

A center for refugees should be established. Attacks and discrimination cases should be followed through this center.

Expulsion should be brought to an end.

All children born in Germany should receive German citizenship and have the right to dual citizenship.

Immigrants should have active and passive voting rights at the municipal, state and federal level.

Diplomas taken from abroad should not be adhered to bureaucratic obstacles and should be recognized quickly.

The visa obligation must be lifted.

Permission to stay in the country is independent of the existing criteria.


Die Linke meeting
During the public meeting, a Die Linke supporter


Religion Policies

Religion and state relations should be kept separate.

Ethics classes should aim to educate people with different religions and worldviews in mind.

Religious holidays of Muslims and Jews should be recognized as official holidays.



Negotiations between Turkey and the EU should be stopped.

Turkey-EU relations should be restructured.

The export of weapons to Turkey must be stopped.

Political prisoners in Turkey must be released.