Hectic days on the Black Sea


Immigrants who have lost hope in the Aegean islands direct themselves to a new alternative: the Black Sea Route.  

A flow of refugees and asylum seekers has accelerated and become very much apparent in the Black Sea over the past weeks. On Saturday, Romanian officials confiscated two boats carrying more than 200 immigrants. According to the officials, one of the boats has been transporting refugees to the Romanian coast since August. 

On Saturday and Sunday, Turkish authorities stopped two fishing boats, which had a total of 313 immigrants. Boats moving from the Kırklareli coast were caught by the police while they were on the Bulgarian route. It is reported that passengers were predominantly Iranian and Syrian.

The reactions of Romanian officials to the developments in the region was the fear of being an alternative smuggling route for migrants who tries to pass Europe because recently Western Balkans and Aegean routes are closed and the migrants look for another way. According to the Frontext  news in July the number of migrants arriving in Greece and Italy falled down as a result of the changing situations in the migration routes. However because the country does not locate in the closed area, Spain also experiences a quadraple in the number of migrants arrived compared to the same period in last year.

Although Romania is a member of EU, the country is not in passport-free Schengen zone. That is why Romania is avoiding a refugee flow more because this could be the reason for a possible delay of being in passport-free Schengen zone.

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