The French President Emmanuel Macron announced that 10,000 refugees would be resettled in the country, in co-operation with UNHCR. Refugees from Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Niger, and Chad will be selected based on meeting the criteria for asylum. They will be resettled in France through a program that will be determined by the High Commissioner and approved by the French authorities.
The French President, who organized a joint press statement with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, argued that realistic solutions should be brought to the crisis of migration. Macron also announced that France has allocated a fund of €10 million  for humanitarian aid to improve the deteriorating conditions in Libya.

High Commissioner Grandi underlined that the UNHCR supports France in its efforts for “leading Europe towards a more supportive approach to manage refugees who are at Europe’s external borders.


Two weeks ago, the European Commission unveiled a plan recommending the Member States to receive 50,000 refugees in the next two years. So, this decision gave hope that the Commission’s recommendation could be implemented. However, the member countries have remained at low numbers both in terms of both resettlements from third countries and relocation within the EU. Since 2015, only 23,000 people have been able to complete the process.
The Union has not yet reached consensus on the acceptance and resettlement of refugees. In June, it started an infringement procedure against three members of the Visegrad group  (Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic). Despite the Commission’s repeated calls, these countries have refused to fulfill their legal obligations.
According to UN data, 1.19 million people in the world must be resettled urgently.

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