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    EFSD aims to manage EU grants that is served by public and private sources strengthening the development of the European Neighbourhood and Africa.

    How to lose credibility: Pentagon deports immigrant troops

     Donald Trump appears with a critical stance on immigration nearing the top of his list of campaign promises. He signed a so much disputed executive order at the end of January. It suspended the entry of...
    far right

    Migration Flows and Rising Far Right: Challenges for EU

    After the Arab Spring, chaos engulfed the Mediterranean region. Vast amounts of immigrants from destabilized countries like Libya and Syria tried to cross the Mediterranean to reach the welfare states of Europe. Besides the...
    The new legislation allows Slovenia police to close the borders against "illegal migrants" whether a new migrant flux occurs along the Balkan route.

    Slovenia: New law denies international protection

    The new legislation allows Slovenian police to close the borders against illegal migrants whether a new migrant flux occurs along the Balkan route. Thus and so, the country may reject asylum seekers at the...
    open-door policy Trump refugees

    Trump continues to criticize Germany for the open-door policy

    After the election, Donald Trump continues to make striking statements about the global refugee crisis and the European response to it. Firstly, he has criticized Merkel for her open-door policy on refugees. He told...
    safe third country

    Everyone Asks Now: Is Turkey a Safe-Third Country?

    Safe Third Country Concept and Joint Action Plan The current JAP (Joint-Action Plan) pertaining to the readmission of irregular migrants to Turkey has raised several debates among experts. Many of them claimed that the plan is a...

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