An Interesting Right-Wing Organization

In the last quarter of 2016, Germany has begun to discuss an extremist right winger organization which defines themselves as Reichsbürger, meaning “The Citizens of Empire”. Sparks of discussions were the event that took place in Gergensmünd, Bavaria; on 20th October. At the aforesaid event, a man who is a member of the group had commenced fire to police those will was to carry out a search in his home. Four police have wounded, however, a policeman passed away in the hospital.

This loss of life has put Reichsbürger organization on the agenda of both security units and politics. Criticisms of that organization have been underestimated for a long time, had emerged. And another controversy was that some policemen being members of the organization. And it was established that attacker in Gergensmünd was in connection with two policemen before the attack. These were suspended. And finally, Federal Minister of Interior, Thomas de Maiziere, declared that organization is going to be followed up across the country by Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Bavarian Minister of Interior, Joachim Hermann, declared that there are more than 1700 members of the organization in the State, which 340 of them are armed. Nevertheless, no definitive information has been obtained yet on organization’s ideology, followers or structure.


Basic Data

  • Members of the group, do not recognize the legitimacy Federal Republic of Germany as a state and believes that German Empire (Reich) still continues today.
  • The organization recognizes imperial borders which were valid in 1937.
  • Organization rejects official authorities and courts, hence they also do not accept paying taxes or traffic tickets.
  • The group who considers itself as a continuation of Reich has its own currency and king.


Reichsbürger on the news

  • Stanislaw Tillich, Prime Minister of State of Saxony, in a statement he made, declared that three policemen are linked with the organization in Saxony.
  • Thanks to the question raised by Süddeutsche newspaper to the Ministry of Interior, it turned out that a disciplinary investigation has begun on 15 police officers who have been suspected of being linked to the organization.


The remarkable points of the answer to the Left Party’s parliamentary question to the Federal Parliament in July of 2016 are as follows:

  • Reichsbürger has a structure which is multi-layered and disunited. Due to the heterogeneous structure, the exact number of members of this organization cannot be identified.
  • Crimes that have been conducted by the organization are as follows: insult, constraint, racist provocation, racist propaganda and forgery of documents.
  • Members of the organization take place in protests against refugees and foreigners.
  • A disciplinary case was prosecuted against two police officers from the Federal Police because of their ideology coinciding with the organization. These policemen were suspended from duty. However, no police officer is a direct member of the organization.
  • Generally, right winger organizations have a tendency to arm. For this reason, also Reichsbürger may be armed.