Turkish Council of Migration


The Turkish Council of Migration Policy (in Turkish: Göç Politikaları Kurulu) was held on February 15, 2017, for the first time. This is an important step for Turkish politics as well as migrants’ rights. During the opening speech, Turkish minister of interior Süleyman Soylu said: “The main aim of this congress is to constitute Turkish migration policy.” and added, “We have an open door policy for Syrian migrants and approximately 10% of Syrians took shelter in camps.”  Further significant statements are;


  • “The number of people currently living in Turkey as immigrants and refugees is 3,551,078 persons.”
  • “In order to complete the biometric records of Syrians, 33 mobile record vehicles, including trucks have been bought and 150 registration desks have been created. Furthermore,  The ‘Foreigners and International Protection Law’ which protects human rights at the highest level, was passed.”
  • “The total number of Syrian asylum applications accepted by all European Union countries is 866,831 persons. The number of people who are hosted by Turkey is 3.3 times of the EU. The total population of the EU countries is approximately 500 million when we are proportionate to this number. The population of Turkey is 80 million people.”
  • “The average number of irregular migrants who had been caught by authorities in 2005 – 2014 is around 50,000 annually, however, this number reached 146,485 in 2015 and 174,466 in 2016.”
  • “The number of migrant smugglers who have been arrested since 2010 is 4,856. One of our basic problem in this mass movement in the Middle East is the passage of foreign terrorist fighters and this is a serious problem for our country too. In this context, 4,369 people from 99 countries were deported.”


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